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Our History


     A tradition that started a half century ago - Established in October, 1944, our family greeted a regular clientele who came in daily and hand selected their poultry from the side of the store which housed live chickens. Each chicken was processed by hand and sold.

     Where everyone really did know your name - This was a time when everyone got there food from a corner store…each of whom was next to another type of purveyor, butcher, baker, fruits and vegetables, on the same neighborhood block. Everyone did business on a first name basis. Business was personal. (long before the song talked about everyone knowing your name on that TV show about a bar).


     Times of change - The 1960’s offered much growth and opportunity as we saw a need to provide delivery. One of the first chicken franchises, Chicken Delight retained our services, requesting 100 chickens per day, cut, cleaned and delivered for their fast food establishment. Within a few short years, the company’s growth made it necessary to purchase our chicken products “ready-to-market.” As demand grew, so grew the need to buy in larger and larger quantity. Soon we were buying from high quality, exclusive farms to meet demand.

     We got to see the World’s Fair - A turning point was in 1964 when our company was hired to deliver chicken products to the World’s Fair. We got to see the exhibits, the world of the future and all the facilities. Of course, we were working around the clock and delivering 1000 chickens a day between 2:00 am and 6:00 am… but we can still say we got to see the WORLD’S FAIR!

     A moment when everyone had to rise to the occasion - When the tragedy of September 11, 2001 struck our nation, delivery personnel and entry into New York City were minimized. In order to service our customers, we, the owners, jumped into our trucks to make deliveries. Although the National Guard and military tanks made access difficult, we parked and walked block after block in order to complete the delivery and fulfill our customer commitment. In addition, Mennella’s Poultry Company partnered with Popeye’s in order to provide food service to the workers and volunteers at the World Trade Center site.

     A history of tradition AND change, that continues today - Our need to maximize productivity, in order to provide top quality product and service to our customers, has led us to state-of-the-art computer systems, GPS directional systems in our trucks, up-to-the-minute inventory management and delivery driver time management systems.

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